Explosion Proof Electric Actuators

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Explosion Proof Electric Actuators

Explosion-Proof Quarter-Turn Electric Actuators can be used for driving and controlling the butterfly valves, ball valves,plug valves(part-turn valves with 90ºmovement),the actuators can be either remotely controlled or locally controlled,Its widely used in the fields such as oil,chemical,power generation,water treatment ect.


  • Housing: Waterproof Level IP67,NEMA4 and 6
  • Motor Power Supply Optional: 220VAC single-phase,110VAC single-phase,380/440VAC three-phase,50/60Hz,±10%,24VDC/110VDC/220VDC
  • Motor: Squirrel-cage asynchronous motor
  • Outer coating: Dry powder/epoxy polyester,with a superior anti-corrosion function
  • Actuator Options:On/off type, Modulating type
  • Proportional (modulation) control: 0-10vdc or 4-20mA
  • Material: Steel/Aluminum alloy/Aluminum bronze/Polycarbonate
  • Additional: if your have any requirements about our Explosion-Proof Quater Turn Electric Actuator,please welcome to write mail to us @ info@hearkenflow.com for getting more information and service from us. 


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