Pneumatic Actuator

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Pneumatic Actuator

What is important to you when you buy pneumatic actuators ?

Hearken pneumatic actuators has passed with ATEX approved, CE approved, SIL approved as per international qualification standard. 
Hearken rack and pinion Pneumatic actuators are designed for use in quarter turn applications and tested to the one million operations. Actuators are available double acting and spring return models. Its meet international ISO5211 standards for easy valve mounting and replacement visual position indicator will monitor the valve open and closed position. The quality of our pneumatic actuators provide long and safe performance for your valve control . we are here for your valve automation.


  • Movement :  Standard adjustable 90°±% 
  • Body:Hard anodized extruded aluminium alloy and stainless steel
  • Actuator Types: Double acting pneumatic actuators and Spring return (Single acting) Pneumatic actuator
  • Valve Options: Pneumatic actuator ball valve , Pneumatic actuator butterfly valve, Pneumatic angle seat valve, Pneumatic gate valve or Pneumatic globe valve
  • Actuator Options: AT series rack and pinion pneumatic actuators, Scotch yoke pneumatic actuators , Linear pneumatic actuator and Hydraulic pneumatic actuators.
  • Springs:High tensile spring sets of alloy steel
  • Piston Shaft:Nickel plated alloy steel reduces friction
  • End Caps:Polyester coated die cast aluminium
  • Optional accessories: Solenoid valves, Limit switch box, Valve positioner or Air filter regulator 
  • Advantage: our pneumatic actuators products are not only price competitive but also perform as well as or better than more expensive products.
  • Quality: our each pneumatic actuator is tested on the test bench.
  • Additional: if your have any requirements about our pneumatic actuators,please welcome to write mail to us @ for getting more information and service from us. 
The Advantages from Us

If your are the valve actuator manufacturer same like us, if your have the same feelings that running a factory is not so easy somehow, But after we developed the good system of management and production lines, Everything is going in the best direction and smoothly.

Reliable and Safety
Reliable and Safety

Designing and manufacturing high quality, reliable and safety pneumatic actuators and electric actuators

International Standard
International Standard

Each valve actuator will be tested in the quality room according to the international standard before being sold and distributed.

Wide Range of Accessories
Wide Range of Accessories

We are not only produce quantities of valve actuator but also provide the actuator accessories, Such as pneumatic electric positioner, pneumatic pneumatic positioner, limit switchbox, namur solenoid valve, air regulator etc….

Strict Quality Control
Strict Quality Control

From design, production and testing, all the components of each pneumatic actuator and electric actuator that will be produced by our own which for easy control the quality matters. our inspector will control of each production phase as well.

Used in Many Industry
Used in Many Industry

Hearken actuators can be safely used in many industry sectors. Such as Oil and Gas, SDV and HIPPS valves, Pipelines, Chemicals and petrochemicals, Offshore platforms, Ships and vessels, Water Plants, paper plants etc….

Assistance and after-sales support
Assistance and after-sales support

We offer complete valve automation processing and we also dedicate to find the cost-effective solution to get desirable finishing for your valve actuators. The guarantee of our actuators are 18 months and technical support for whole life.

The Main Production facilities we have following:

17 CNC Machines for pneumatic actuators and electric actuators

4 Cutting machines for aluminum tube of pneumatic actuator

2 Sets of Surface polishing machine for pneumatic actuators and electric actuator

6 Sets of Drilling Machines and Multi spindle drilling machine

2 Sets of Piston Polishing Machines

2 Sets of Laser Marking Machines

2 Sets of Torque testing machine of pneumatic actuators and electric actuators

1 Set of Leakage testing equipment

And other related manufacturing equipments.

Production Capacity of our Pneumatic actuators and Electric actuators:

Pneumatic actuators—the monthly approx. capacity of DA/SR HPA pneumatic actuators are 50000 Nos. The actuator torque range from 7N.m ~ 7326 N.m @ 4.5 bar

Electric actuators- the monthly approx. capacity of electric actuators are 10000 Nos. The actuator torque output from 2N.m up to 30000 N.m

Valve positioners- the monthly approx. capacity of electric pneumatic positioner are 4000 Nos.

Valve position monitor – The monthly approx. capacity of valve position monitor are 5000 Nos

Motorized valve actuator- the monthly approx. capacity of motorized valve actuator are 3000 Nos

Assistance and after-sales support

We always offer the best assistance and after sales support. The guarantee of our valve actuator is at least 18 months, and we also give technical support to our customers during the guarantee period. And able to give the spare parts for replacement to our clients.

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