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Welcome to HEARKEN Actuators and Controls. The Trusted Passionate and focused Partner in Valve Automation . We are growing our brand in Pneumatic Actuator Valves , Electric Actuator Valves, Motorized Valves and Valve Accessories...

We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. Our Valve Actuators Has Applied for SIL3 Certificate, ATEX Certificate ,CE Certification, Explosion-proof Certificate, IP68 Weather proof etc....



ISO 9001



ISO 14001



OHSAS 18001

Why 1000+ Customers Choose us

12+Years Experience

Since 2010, Hearken is specialized in producing pneumatic actuator,Electric actuator. We are not just manufacturing the valve actuators. But also we give solution and offering the valve accessories

Branded Spare Parts

The electrical components of our electric actuators are used well-known brand such as: Chint, Omron etc…Which safety, quality guaranteed and after-sales support globally.

Strict Quality Control

All of our valve actuators are certified with CE, ATEX,SIL, IP67,Explosion-proof etc….We have our own quality control system which start from incoming actuator aluminum tube to end up with outgoing finished actuator.

Fast Order Processing

We hearken company has top sales with professional Skills which make your easy to communicate with us. Our engineers have much experiences On valve automation field. Our sales department can give fast reply your inquiry and solve your problem,no matter Pre-sales or after-sales.

100% Technical Support And Guarantee period

We offer complete valve automation processing and we also dedicate to find the cost-effective solution to get desirable finishing for your valve actuators. The guarantee of our actuators are 18 months and technical support for whole life.

Easy & Secure Payment Method

We hearken support all types of payment method including T/T tansfer, Paypal as well as West Union, which gonna to make your easy on the bank transaction.

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To built A strong Reputation in Providing Quality, Cost Effective, Reliable And Robust Performance Solutions for Valve Automation

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Since 2010 HEARKEN has specialized in the production of pneumatic actuators and electric actuators for the control of industrial valves. 

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2023 Our Fair Calendar

Participate In ECWATECH Russia Moscow 12th~14th September 2023

Participate In ECWATECH Russia Moscow 12th~14th September 2023

Hearken Flow Equipment Co.,Ltd  will Set to Showcase Advanced Pneumatic Actuators, Electric Actuators and...

Participate in WETEX in Dubai 15th ~17th November 2023.

Hearken flow controls who will participate in WETEX in Dubai 2023.

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