Multi-Turn Electric Actuator

hea(m)multiple turn electric actuator

HEA(M) Multi Turn Electric Actuator

Hearken multi turn electric actuator which has compact design and it is suitable for used on knife gate valve, globe, diaphragm valves for linear movement. Compact multi turn electric actuator is available in single phase and three phase, It has compact size can install in the small space. Actuator enclosure Standard IP67, with fast opening and closing and easy operation . The multi turn electric actuator can be widely u...

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HMT On off Multiple Turn Electric Actuator

HMT On off Multi-Turn Electric Actuator

HMT On off multi-turn electric valve actuators are a new generation of products that our company has improved the structure, optimized protection performance and key components based on the original mature products, and completely developed independently. It has compact structure, small size, beautiful appearance, and stable and reliable performance, and other advantages. The good protection level can meet the needs of a ...

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HMT 4-20ma Modulating Multi-turn Electric Actuator

HMT 4-20ma Modulating Multi-turn Electric Actuator is used to control the open and close of valves. It is applicable to gate valves, globe valves, shut-off valves, diaphragm valves, and its derivative products can be applied to ball valves, butterfly valves and dampers, etc. It can accurately operate according to control commands, which is essential driving device for remote control, centralized control and automatic cont...

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