Multi-Turn Electric Actuator

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Multi-Turn Electric Actuator

Multi turn electric actuator is used to control the open and close of valves. It is applicable to gate valves, globe valves, shut-off valves, diaphragm valves, and its derivative products can be applied to ball valves, butterfly valves and dampers, etc. It can accurately operate according to control commands, which is essential driving device for remote control, centralized control and automatic control of valves.


  • Actuator Options:On/off type, modulating type, intelligent type, explosion-proof type
  • Installation Angle :360°C at any angle
  • Voltage Options:  AC/DC24、AC/DC110、AC/DC220V、AC/DC380V
  • Shaft Body Material: Aluminium alloy die-castings
  • Protection Class: IP67
  • Ambient temperature: -20℃—+60℃
  • optional temperature: -40℃-+70℃
  • Valve Options: Gate valves, Globe valves, Shut-off valves, Diaphragm valves
  • Additional: if your have any requirements about our Multi Turn Electric Actuator,please welcome to write mail to us @ for getting more information and service from us. 


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