Quarter Turn Pneumatic Actuator

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Quarter Turn Pneumatic Actuator

As an important field control equipment in the automatic control system, the angular stroke Pneumatic Actuator can provide the most reasonable solution within the output torque range of 6N.m∽3200N.m.Using extruded aluminum alloy material, light weight, double-piston rack and pinion structure, large torque.


  • Actuator Options: 90 degree pneumatic actuator,Three position pneumatic actuator,Quarter turn pneumatic actuator with handwheel,Stainless steel pneumatic actuator
  • Actuator Types: Double acting and Spring return (Single acting) Pneumatic actuator
  • Lubrication: All moving parts are lubricated for life-long cycle
  • Cycle Life: 1,000,000 Operations
  • Air pressure: From 3 bar up to 7 bar (Designed for 10 Bar) 
  • Optional accessories: Solenoid valves, Limit switch box, Manual override gearbox,Valve positioner or Air filter regulator
  • Protective:The aluminum alloy shell and box have strong anti-corrosion ability after surface phosphating treatment
  • High Efficiency and Low Noise:Precision rack and pinion structure, small clearance, high efficiency, low noise and long life
  • Additional: if your have any requirements about our Quater Turn Pneumatic Actuator,please welcome to write mail to us @ info@hearkenflow.com for getting more information and service from us. 


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