Quarter Turn Pneumatic Actuator

HPA Pneumatic Actuator Front View

HPA Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuator

HPA rack and pinion pneumatic actuator is prelubricated and tested to a min one million operations. Actuators are available double acting and spring return models. Its meet international ISO5211 standards for easy vale mounting and replacement visual position indicator will monitor the open and closed position.

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HPA Pneumatic Actuator Double Acting

HPA Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator

Hearken double acting pneumatic actuator has efficient output torque and smooth operation in a compact design which suited for the operation of ball valve, butterfly valve etc…the body is made of extruded aluminum and the end caps are die cast. Every hearken actuator is 100% factory pressure tested to ensure the highest quality pneumatic actuator is achieved. Provides valve accessories, including limit switches, positione...

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pneumatic actuator double acting

HPA Die Casting Aluminum Pneumatic Actuator

Hearken Die Casting Aluminum pneumatic actuator is a 90° Double acting or Spring return rack and pinion system, which has been designed for the actuation of all type of 1/4 turn valves or 1/4 turn applications. Drive conforming to ISO5211 square and star dimensions. The actuator is suitable for mounting a full range of accessories, such as limit switches, solenoid valves, positioners and manual override gearbox. Hearken p...

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actuador neumatico

HPA Spring Return Pneumatic Actuator with Handwheel

HPA spring return pneumatic actuator with handwheel are actuators that use air pressure to drive open, close or adjust valves.The function of the handwheel mechanism is to use it to directly control the control valve to maintain the normal production of the control system due to power failure, gas outage, no output from the controller or failure of the actuator.

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SS stainless steel actuator

High Quality Stainless Steel Pneumatic Actuator

Hearken high quality stainless steel pneumatic actuator are supplied with 304 or 316 stainless steel body and output shafts (namur standard ISO5211),available in spring return or double acting configurations. which has the great solution for used in high corrosion application. All models are supplied with corresponding FPM or silicone rubber O-ring with special lubricant. the customized design as per customers’ specific r...

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Three Position Pneumatic Actuator

Three Position Design Pneumatic Actuator

The three-stage pneumatic actuator is a special type of actuator, which can provide three-position operation modes of 0°, 45°, 90°, and 180°. The intermediate position is achieved by the mechanical brake produced by the movement of the two auxiliary pistons. The intermediate position is adjustable.

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