Mini Motorized Valve

Mini Motorized Valve

Motorized ball valves are composed of two parts: the valve body and the driver. It has the advantages of simple structure, reliable work, strong fluid passing capacity and energy saving. It can be widely used for on-off control of cold and hot water in heating, central air-conditioning, solar water heating systems, and water treatment systems; it can also be used for on-off control of low-pressure steam.


  • Drive Voltage: 220VAC (or AC 12V, 24V, 110V; DC 5V, 12V, 24V for choice)
  • Valve Options: 2way brass ball valve,3way brass ball valve,2way Stainless steel ball valve,3way Stainless steel ball valve
  • Lines Options: Three lines and two controls,Two-wire power-off reset,Three lines and one control,Two-wire positive and negative reverse
  • Enclosure Rating:IP65
  • Connection Method: Pipe thread G, Tapered inner pipe thread (also can be customized according to user requirements)
  • Applicable Medium: Cold water, Hot water and Low-pressure steam (≤0.4MPa)
  • Application: HVAC,Water treatment,Chemical process,Small equipment for automatic control
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