Motorized Valve

HEAS Motorized Ball Valve with Manual Switch

HEAS motorized ball valve with manual switch is electrically operated valve used in various automatic water treatment system,water leak alarm & shut off system,it is made of two parts,Electric actuator+Ball valve,the valve will open&close when voltage applies&remove to the motor.

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HEAS Series Motorized Valve ( SS304)

HEAS Mini PVC Motorized Ball Valve

HEAS mini PVC motorized ball valve is electrically operated valve used in various automatic water treatment systems, water leak alarm & shut off systems. It is made of two parts, PP electric actuator body and SS ball valve. The valve will open/close when voltage applies/remove to the motor.The product is reliable and durable, the working noise is low, and can work reliably in the high temperature and high humidity environ...

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HEAS Brass Motorized Ball Valve for HVAC

HEAS brass motorized ball valves are composed of two parts: the valve body and the driver. It has the advantages of simple structure, reliable work, strong fluid passing capacity and energy saving. It can be widely used for on-off control of cold and hot water in heating, central air-conditioning, solar water heating systems, and water treatment systems; it can also be used for on-off control of low-pressure steam. Variet...

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HEAS Stainless Steel Motorized Ball Valve

HEAS stainless steel motorized ball valve are designed for ON-OFF control and can be piped for diverting or mixing valve applications for domestic hot water service, in central heating and/or cooling systems; or for individual room temperature control (fan coil, radiator or convector applications).

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HEAS Large Diameter 4-20ma Motorized Ball Valve

HEAS large diameter 4-20ma motorized ball valve is a driver with a force of 4Nm~40Nm. It can be combined with a DN20-DN50 two-way ball valve body, or used in conjunction with a damper. It is widely used in air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and other building automatic control systems In this way, the medium flow rate in the system can be precisely adjusted, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling temperature, p...

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HEAS 2way Brass Motorized Ball Valve with Manual Operation

HEAS 2 way brass motorized ball valve are used to control the waterway control at the end of the air conditioner. Among them, the thermostat controls the electric valve motor, and the valve is opened or closed through the reverse motor, so as to realize the flow or disconnection of the medium in the pipeline, and then the air is sent through the fan coil to realize the automatic temperature control.

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