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Pneumatic Actuator

Pneumatic actuated are actuators that use air pressure to drive open and close or adjust valves. They are also called pneumatic actuators or pneumatic devices, but they are generally called pneumatic heads. Pneumatic actuators are sometimes equipped with certain auxiliary devices.

Electric Actuator

Electric actuator is a driving device that can provide linear or rotary motion. It uses a certain driving energy and works under the action of a certain control signal. Actuators use liquid, gas, electricity, or other energy sources and convert them into drive through motors, cylinders, or other devices. The basic types are part-turn, multi-turn and linear drive.

Electric Actuated Valve

Our electric actuated valve are made of high quality raw materials .It can be divided into electric ball valve, electric butterfly valve, electric gate valve and electric globe valve.Suitable for stainless steel pipe systems, pure production lines for food, beverage, medicine and chemicals as well as industrial environmental protection, water treatment, etc.

Pneumatic Actuated Valve

Pneumatic actuated valves are powered by compressed air, including pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic butterfly valves, pneumatic gate valves, pneumatic globe valves, pneumatic diaphragm valves, pneumatic control valves, etc. It is an ideal device for realizing centralized or independent control of industrial automation pipelines in long distances.

Actuator Accessories

Pneumatic valve is an actuator that uses compressed air to drive and operate the valve. The accessories in the pneumatic valve are diversified, and with different accessories, you can not achieve a variety of different control methods. Users can configure different accessories according to the different work of the valve.


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