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What is pneumatic actuated ball valve?

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The pneumatic actuated ball valve is a combination of a ball valve and an pneumatic actuator. In general, a ball valve is a tool or a device that controls a media via a hollow rotating ball. It can also help in regulating the flowof media. On the other hand,pneumatic actuator means a device to control the valve and  generate torque through a power source which controlls or operates the ball valve.


Ball valves are combined with pneumatic actuators to bring automation. Pneumatic actu ators are automated device whichregulates the working of a ball valve.The ball valve and the actuator are connectec via an interface. This interface comprises a flange to bolt the ball valve with the actuator and a shaft which connects the ball valve.



Pneumatic actuated ball valves coverts compressed kinetic energy ofair to mechanical motion which further turns the ball valve. Pneumatic actuated ball valves can either be single-acting or double acting. The tasic difference between a single-acting and double-acting pneumatic actuator ball valve is single-acting cylinders have springs in them, but double-acting ones do no.


It is also known as a pneumatic quick cut-off ball valve because it has a relatively fast execution speed. Its switching speed is 0.5 seconds per turn. Pneumatic ball valves are usually equipped with various accessories, such as solenoid valves, air source treatment triples, valve monitor,  electro pneumatic positioner. It enables remote control of the valve, which further reduces manpower, which in turn saves time to a great extent. These properties enable pneumatically actuated valves to be used in a variety of large industries, which is why it is often used in heavy industry.


The pneumatic actuated ball valve work as per the principle of rotating the ball valve in order to keep the valve blocked or unblocked. The common mechanism is known as the pinion and rack mechanism. Here a rack is a linear gear and a pinion is a circular gear. The compressed air is controlled by solenoid valves. The controller sends electrical siglnals that either open or closes the solenoid valve by energizing it. This further allows the compressed air to flow through the piston sides. This eventually pushes the rack and turns the pinion which is connected to the shaft of the ball valve.



The basic characteristics of pneumatic actuated ball valves are mentioned below:


● The pneumatic valves are generally small, lightweight and consist of a simple structure.

● It offers reliable and tight sealing. The sealing ring is movable.

● It offers small fluid resistance and the resistarce coefficient is the same as that of pipe length.

● It is very easy to operate. It opens and closes quite fast.

● It can accommodate a wide range of diameters and can withstand a vast range of pressure.

● It offers convenient maintenance and it cannot be eroded by the medium.

● It is environment friendly and offers high safety.

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