YT1000 Linear Eectro Penumatic Positioner

YT1000 Linear Penumatic Positioner
YT1000 Linear Penumatic Positioner
YT1000 Linear Penumatic Positioner

YT-1000L series electric-pneumatic valve is a device that delivers an air signal to a pneumatic actuator to control the position of a valve. Convert the DC current signal output by the control system into the gas signal that drives the regulating valve to control the action of the regulating valve.


YT-1000L series electric-pneumatic valve locator is a device that receives DC current signal 4-20mA from the controller or the control system,and the precisely controls valve opening through pneumatic actuator.



Main Features and Characteristics
  • Buily-in field LCD display ( For Smart Positioner)
  • No resonance within 5-200Hz
  • Easy changeover between forward and ackward,and between single action and dual action
  • For small actuatoes,preventing vibration by making locator orifice smaller
  • Low air consumption,allowing the locator being economical
  • Splitting-range control within 1/2 without replacing parts



Testing for Positioners

All valve positioner manufactured by HEARKEN are individually tested, Testing is carried out to check the leakage in both internal and external, All bodies are stamped with year,month of production size and serial number.



Standard Specification


Technical Parameters
Item Single action Dual action Item Single action Dual action
Input signal 4~20mA Ambient humidity 10~90RH
Impedance 250±15 ohm Linearity ±1% F.S ±2% F.S
Input pressure 1.4~7Kgf/cm³ 20~100psi Lagging degree ±1% F.S
Splitting range 10~150mm Sensitivity ±0.2% F.S ±0.5% F.S
Air supply interface NPT 1/4 Repcatability ±0.5% F.S
Pressure gauge interface NPT 1/8 Air consuption 2LPM (sup=1.4Kgf/cm³)
Power supply interface PF 1/2 (G1/2) Flow 80LPM (sup=1.4Kgf/cm³)
Explosion-proof grade Ex Dii BT5,Ex iaII CT6 Material Die-cast aluminum
Protection class IP66 Weight 2.7Kg
Ambient temperature - 20~70°C(-4~158°F)      


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