HEA-P Spring Return Electric Actuator


HEA-P series spring return electric actuator is designed for fail-safe positioning of valves or dampers upon loss of supply voltage .Mechanical spring return design is used to position controlled devices to either fully open or fully closed positions without any external power source.

●High performance with trusted and engineered reliability
●Fully compliant with the latest international standards and regulations
●Applicable to a wide range of specifications and higher cost performance
●Compact design that facilitatesthe most demanding industrial applications


1.Product Construction
Compact and designed for small spaces.

4.Secure Operation
Under critical conditions, this product provides excellent guarantee stability with mechanical solutions.
Spring return electric actuator generates the required torque through energy storage mechanism for returning to safe position with no assistance during the spring return operation process.
2.Low Maintenance
Durable hassle-free operation.
Spring effectively drives a 90°full stroke.
Emergency on/off model employs a mechanical buffer without impacting pipes.
5.Position Detection
Stroke control switch with quick set up and reliability.
Three dimensional indicator can be monitored in multi angles.
Optional with switching value and analog quantity control.
3.Secure And Stable
Spring return electric actuator complies with SIL2/SIL3 standard regulations and is maintenance-free with anti-explosion applications.
6.Adaptive Connection Parts
Actuator flange and drive sleeves comply with ISO5211 standards.
A versatile design that offers its replacement.

Parts and Material


NO. Part Name Material NO. Part Name Material
1   Upper Cap   ADC12 11   Space Heater   Ceramic
2   Body   AL104 12   Electrical Motor   Integrated Set
3   Side Cap   ADC12 13   Adjustment Cam   ADC12
4   Connection Lock   Nylon 14    Microswitch   Integrated Assembly
5   Safety Spring   Spring Steel 15   Mounting Retaining Plate   Q235
6   Piston   ADC12 16   Output Shaft   45# Steel
7   Spacing Block   45# steel 17   Locating Bearing   Bearig Steel
8   Driving Gear   40CR 18   Position Indicator   Nylon
9   Display Window   Tempered Glass 19   Capacitor   Composite Material
10   Wiring Terminal   Flame-retarded Nylon 20   Brake   Integrated Set


Electrical Information
Model Torque
Operating Time
Electric Current
AC110V(50/60Hz) AC220V(50/60Hz0 DC24V
Electrical Spring Operation Locking Operation Locking Operation Locking
HEA-P1-50 50 8 ≤3 1.8A 0.1A 0.7A 0.1A 3.0A 0.1A
HEA-P1-70 70 8 ≤3 1.8A 0.1A 0.7A 0.1A 3.0A 0.1A
HEA-P2-140 140 10 ≤3 4.3A 0.2A 2.2A 0.2A 9.0A 0.2A
HEA-P3-200 200 12 ≤3 5.2A 0.2A 3.2A 0.2A 21A 0.2A
HEA-P3-300 300 12 ≤3 5.2A 0.3A 3.2A 0.3A 21A 0.3A


Wiring Diagram


HEA-P Outline Dimension Diagram    

Model A B C D E F G H ᴓI J
HEA-P1 266 380 199 177 96 2*M20*1.5 17 19 F05/07 M6/M8
HEA-P2 377 436 240 206 120 2*M20*1.5 22 25 F07/10 M8/M10
HEA-P3 406 535 280 260 120 2*M20*1.5 27 30 F10/12 M10/M12


Technical Data
Model HEA-P1 HEA-P2 HEA-P3
  Torque(N.m) 50 70 140 200 300
  Power(W) 60 60 120 200 200
  Voltage(DC/AC)          110VAC/220VAC、24VDC
  Frequency(Hz)          50/60
  Operation Mode          S2-20Min
  Start Time(S) 8 8 10 12 12
  Spring Return Time(S) 3 3 5 5 5
  Spring Circle Life(Times) 100000 100000 100000 100000 100000
  Ambient Temperature          -25℃~65℃
  Ambient Humidity(25℃) 95%
  Protection Class          IP67
  Manual Override          Optional with open, need to be customized
  Manual Override Method          Operation under power off (system power supply interrupted)
  Power Loss Return Direction          Close (or open)
  Half Stop          Electromagnetic brake control)
  Cable Entry          2*M20*1.5
  Lubrication          Grease
  Limit Method          Electronic control:electronic limit
         Spring return at power failure:mechanical limit
  On-Off Type Signal          Passive feedback,two-wire/three-wire
  Mechanical Stopper          Full close/open machanical stopper
  Anti-Explosion Class          Ex d II b(c)T4(6)
  Color          Available for customization as per customer requirement


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