ALS200D pneumatic actuator magnetic switch



ALS200D pneumatic actuator magnetic switch has 2 inductive sensors, which is independent and total-sealing inside the U shape body. These 2 sensors can accurately senses valve position status and change it into signal feedback to computer.

ALS200D is small and no need extra bracket, connection is in accordance with NAMUR standard, which can be mounted on all model pneumatic actuator.


◆ Mini design without extra bracket;
◆ Easy and fast installation;
◆ Connection applies with NAMUR standard;
◆ Universal voltage for AV and DC;
◆ 2 LED full stroke position indication;
◆ Anti-water, anti-corrosion, 2 position sensor is epoxy coating;
◆ Electric wiring control which is safe and without spark;
◆ No wearing electric components

Wiring Diagram

Technical Parameter
Temperature Sense Type Sense Distance Contact Type ON/OFF Frequency Rotation Indication Voltage Current Rating Power Protection Class
-45℃~85℃ Magnetic 1-6mm NO (NC Option) 0~4.8KHz 0~90° 5~240VAC/VDC 0~300mA 10W IP67

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