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Air Torque Pneumatic Actuator

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The Air Torque Pneumatic Actuator is an important part of the pneumatic valve, which determines the overall execution efficiency of the pneumatic valve. All pneumatic valves, including air actuated ball valve, air actuated butterfly valve, air actuated gate valves, air actuated valves, and pneumatic check valves, are of great significance to them. In the process of using, we have to pay attention to many safety issues.

1. The air torque pneumatic actuator can be directly installed and connected with ball valves, butterfly valves, etc. Rack and pinion pneumatic actuator can also be mounted with brackets and joints.The coupling fasteners must not be loosened.


2. To ensure the coaxiality of the actuator output shaft and the valve stem, and to rotate flexibly without crawling.


3. The pipes, joints, accessories, etc. connecting the rack & pinion actuator should be clean.


4. The exhaust port of the solenoid valve is always downward. When it is upward or horizontal, the elbow should be connected to make the exhaust port downward.


5.Before commissioning the pneumatic actuator, make sure that the air duct is unobstructed. Air pressure, voltage, signal, etc. must meet the operating requirements


6. The compressed air should be filtered, dried, and dehumidified below the dew point of -15°C.


7. The solenoid valve should be opened to the automatic position during debugging.


8. During pneumatic operation, the manual device should be disconnected, and the pneumatic device should be disconnected during manual operation.


9. Various accessories installed on the actuator should be debugged according to the instruction manual respectively.


10.The pneumatic actuator should be inspected once a month and overhauled once a year under normal working conditions.

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