How to Install A Wafer Butterfly Valve?

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As we all knew that for butterfly valves, there have different connection type, such as flange type , wafer type etc….The wafer butterfly valve is a connection method of the butterfly valve, that is, when it is installed on the pipeline, it is necessary to clamp the butterfly valve with two flanges first, and then connect it to the flange on the pipeline. Corresponding to it is another connection method of butterfly valve, flange type. Today we will talk about the installation method of the wafer butterfly valve, hoping to be helpful to everyone.



The installation steps of wafer butterfly valve


1.As shown in the picture, the valve set between the two flanges is pre-installed, pay attention to the neatly arranged bolt holes.

2. Insert four pairs of bolts and nuts gently into the flange holes, and tighten the nuts to correct the flatness of the flange surface

3. The flange is fixed by spot welding to the pipeline;

4. The valve is removed;

5. The flange is fully welded and fixed to the pipe;

6. Cool before welding and installing the valve. In order to ensure that there is enough space in the valve flange to prevent the valve from being damaged, and to ensure that the valve plate has a certain degree of opening;

7. Correct the position of the valve and tighten the 4 pairs of bolts (be careful not to tighten too much)

8. When the valve is open, make sure that the valve plate can be opened and closed, and the valve plate is slightly opened;

9. In the figure below, the horizontal will be balanced with tightening nuts;

10.Confirm again that the valve can be opened and closed. Note: Make sure the valve plate does not touch the pipe.



The above is the introduction to the installation steps of the butterfly valve. Here, I would like to tell all friends who purchase butterfly valves that before installing the clip-on butterfly valve, you should pay attention to handling and not bump it at will. After installation, non-professionals should not disassemble casually.


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