What is the Profibus Modbus Hart Electric Valve Actuator ?

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Electric Actuator With Modbus:


Modbus is a relatively simple but multifunctional fieldbus protocol, which provides all the services needed for factory automation (such as the exchange of simple binary information, analog values, unequipped parameters or diagnostic data)

Relatively speaking, automated factories, Use simple and robust physical layer RS-485. On the basis of this physical layer, Modbus supports a variety of message formats (for example, Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP), which simplifies the vertical integration in the host automation system

International standards ( www.modbus.com )

Simple protocol

Wide implementation

Large enough to accomplish multiple simple automation tasks


Electric Actuator With Modbus Communication Module:




Half duplex, asynchronous mode, multipoint communication

Fast data exchange, baud rate from 1.2k to 115.2kbits/s

The transmission medium is a shielded twisted pair cable, and the cable length can reach about 10 km (without repeater between two actuators, it can reach 1200m)>The data format is 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity Check (optionally with parity check) Up to 247 devices can be connected

The communication protocol is Modbus (slave), and the Modbus address is set through the actuator menu

The redundant module design can form a bus loop, which can work normally in case of disconnection, short circuit or grounding fault in the middle of the line

Other parallel communication can be selected to ensure the safety of PLC


Electric Actuator With HART:


HART (Highway Addressabic Remote Transdcucer), an open communication protocol fo raddressable remote sensor off-speed channels,is a communication protocol for on-site intelligent instruments and control room equipment launched by the American ROSEMOUNT company in 1935.Become the industry standard for global smart meters.

The HART protocol uses the FSK frequency shift keying signal based on the BelZ02 standard, and superimposes the low frequency 4-20mA analog signal with an amplitude of (9.5mA) frequency digital signal for two-way digital communication, which belongs to the transitional process of the analog system to the digital system. roducts, therefore, have strong market competitiveness in the current transitional period and have developed rapidly.

Refer to the open interconnection model of the international Organization for Standardization and use the physical layer, data link layer, and application layer of the OSl standard.

Half-duplex communication method, based on the principle of master-slave protocol

The main variables and control information are transmitted by 4-20mA, and the measurement, process parameters, equipment configuration, calibration, and diagnosis information can be accessed through the HART protocol.

General message structure


Electric Actuator With Hart Bus Module:


CK male series electric actuator equipped with HART bus module

Data exchange speed is 1.2 koit/s

a pair of cabie lines in multi-point system can connect up to 15 slave devices. it has powerful command set the Equipment Description Lanquage DDL describes the characteristics of the equipment, which can form a dual main equipment system


HMT Series Multi turn Electric Actuator Communication Technology:


Fieldbus is the current development trend in the field of industrial control technology. Cost reduction is the most critical factor for the widespread application of fieldbus technology. In addition, serial communication is regarded as the most innovative way in the process of automation. Used to control field equipment and actuators. The benefits of the plant, such as remote parameter setting or plant asset management, cannot be achieved without fieldbus technology. The JN series electric actuator equipped with fieldbus interface has the most advanced technology in the world.


Many different fieldbus systems have been widely used in valve actuators:


>Profibus DP

> Modbus RTU


By using fieldbus, the original centralized control is changed into deentralized control, which simplifies the system design, improves the reliability of system operation, and saves a lot of installation and maintenance costs for users.


Electric Actuator With PROFIBUS:


Profibus is a new generation of automation bus standard based on Ethernet and Profibus DP for data transmission, mainly used in workers, power plants and automation equipment. Due to its simple and durable physical layer (RS-485) and different versions of DP-VO (fast cyclic deterministic data exchange), DP-V1 (acyclic access to device parameters and diagnostic data), Prfofibus Dp is a modern factory The most ideal solution for automation.

Comply with international standards ( www.profibus.com )

Global promotion and Application

Large installed capacity

Standardization integration in DCS (FDT, EDD)

A wide range of equipment options


Electric Actuator With Profibus Dp Communication Module:


Support PROFIBUS dp-vo, dp-v1

High-speed data exchange (up to 1.5Voit/s), Periodically communicate with the Class 1 master station (such as PlC, etc) through the DpyO service Communication and non-periodic communication with the Class 2 master station through DPV1 service

The PDM tool can be used to download all the parameters, diagnostic data, status information,torque curve, etc. of the actuator and displayed in each function screen, and the PDM tool can be used to directly operate the actuator

All setting data (for example: shut-off torque, adjustment accuracy, etc) can be displayed on the screen, click a shortcut key to upload the setting parameters to the actuator

Realize integration with DCS through FDT or EDD

The cable length can reach about 10 km ((The distance between two actuators can reach 1200m without repeater))

A maximum of 126 field devices can be connected

Standard redundant linear topology

The over-voltage protection can reach 6kv, which has passed the PNO (PROFIBUS nutzer organization) operation certification


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