Notes for using of Electric Gate Valve

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After the valve is installed, carry out commissioning of the electric actuator. Refer to the user manual of the electric actuator for detailed commissioning methods.


Maintenance and servicing:

1.The valve should be stored in a dry, ventilated room with air temperature of 5°C -40'C and relative humidity not higher than 85%. The ambient air should not contain harmful matters that may corrode metal materials. The two ends of the valve channel shall be blocked up by covers to prevent impurities from entering the valve cavity. When stored for a long time, the valve must undergo regular check and its machining surface must be spread with anti-rust oil regularly.


2.When the valve is stored outdoors for a short time, please make the valve leave the ground and cover it with plastic film. Please give special attention to corrosion (including rust) resistance and carny out regular check.


3.During installation, please check if the valve mark conforms to the use requirements, if parts are in good condition, if fasteners are loose and if the sealing performance is good.


4.When cleaning the pipe, please keep the valve at the full opening status to make it convenient to discharge dirty things in the valve.


5.Add lubrication oil (grease) to the driving parts at regular intervals



6. Carry out valve opening and closing check regularly. Check if the actuator air way, circuit and control system are normal and if the handwheel mechanism and switching mechanism are flexible.


7. The valve shall be subject to sealing performance test after maintenance and assembly. Each time after maintenance, please keep records of details for future reference.


8. The maintenance of the control system circuit must be carried out after the power is cut.


9. During disassembly of the control box cover, do not damage the explosion-proof junction surface of the tank and cover. After maintenance, tighten the connection bolts.


10. Keep the shell of the explosion-proof electric equipment and its surroundings tidy during its daily maintenance.



11. Carry out sewage discharge and cleaning of the filtering system of air supply.


12. Carry out regular cleaning of the external part of the control valve.

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