Some Notes for using Pneumatic Gate Valve

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  1. Before the air supply pipe is installed, the flow channel of the meter air pipe shall be scavenged so as to clean away oil stain and any other impurities.


  1. Before installation and use of the valve, carry out manual and pneumatic operations for three times to check if the manual and pneumatic control systems are normal, if there is any blocking and if the valve position transponder will send signals correctly when the valve is at the full opening or full closing position.


  1. During switching between manual and pneumatic operations, due to different handwheel mechanism, please pay attention to the notes in the user manual or the operation steps on the operation rule nameplate.


  1. The air supply must be subject to purification treatment. The air supply triplex parts shall be installed horizontally and assembled into the pipe with the direction indicated by the arrow as the gas flow direction. Refer to the user manual of the filter, pressure relief valve and oil atomizer for detailed use methods.


  1. The pneumnatic actuator is provided with a mechanical indication rod at its top to display that the valve is at the full opening or full closing position.

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