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Hearken Actuator-Explosion-Proof Electric Actuator

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QT explosion-proof electric actuator is a new generation of angular stroke electric actuator, which adopts worm gear and worm reduction mechanism with locking function. QT explosion-proof electric actuator is equipped with motor and handwheel, which can perform electric and manual operation, suitable for small and medium-diameter butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves and other 90-degree rotating valves and similar equipment.

The Shell

The shell of an explosion-proof electric actuator is made from horniness aluminum alloy. Furthermore, it has a polyester coating and anodic oxidation treatment. Explosion-proof is an option on the shell, however, it has a strong corrosion-resistant closure Ip67, NEMA 4 and 6, Ip68.


Electric Machinery

The electric machinery includes a fully enclosed squirrel cage. In addition, it features large torque and small inertia force. It also features F-class insulation rating and a hot protection switch for safety purposes. This is to prevent damage to the internal machinery.

Manual Structure

The design of the manual structure is efficient, small, and safe. Furthermore, it is also able to operate without access to power. It can be operated by the handle. If power is present, the clutch will automatically reset.



The indicator is located on the central axis. It utilizes a convex mirror design and does not cumulate water. In addition, it is more convenient.


Space Heater

The purpose of the space heater is to control temperature. It is also used to avoid the internal moisture of the actuator. This is important due to the changing nature of weather and temperatures. Furthermore, it keeps the internal electric device dry.


Limit Switch

The limit switch is mechanical and features an adjustable and safe mechanical limit screw. The control is derived from and controlled by the cam. In order to set the position accurately, use a simple adjustment.


Torque Switch

The torque switch has multiple functions such as offering overload protection. It also is used to avoid damaging the actuator and valve when jammed. The torque switch has the ability to cut power immediately if need be.



The worm gear and worm gear transfer efficiently transfer large torque. It has a low noise level, while still maintaining high efficiency. It is fully stable and reliable with a self-locking function. It prevents inversions and does not require refueling.


Anti-Off Bolt

The bolt attaches to the shell and has a sturdy hold. It will not come off when you remove the shell. The outside of the bolt is comprised of stainless steel.


The Installation

The installation size satisfies intentional requirements and standards under ISO5211. The option of removing the drive sleeve can be used for processing if needed. Furthermore, it can be installed vertically and levelly.



Single-phase and three-phase power supply standards are met with the controlling circuit. The circuit layout is ideal and compact. The terminals also satisfy function requirements. They can be processed separately if the customer requires them.



Intelligent Module

Adopts control plate MCE as well as an analog circuit. The low consumption, height integration, separate heat producer for the actuator, metallic out-mount, anti-interference, and resistance of hardware and software.


Valve Position

Valve position on LCD uses large numbers. It occurs during the opening and closing of the actuator. It connects to a 3-phase power supply on an automatic basis

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