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What is Wafer Type Butterfly Valve?

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This butterfly valve is positioned in the middle of two pipe ends, where long bolts encircle the valve body to keep it securely in place. Typically, the valves use the throttling and shutting off mechanism to regulate air aand liquid flow. This wafer butterfly valve operates better since its disc is mounted in the pipe's diameter direction.


The Principlesof the valves

The disc revolves around the axis in the cylindrical channel in the valvees'body, revolving at an angle between 0 and 90. Butterfly valves of the water kind are often mounted horizontally, where it has a minimal part count and is distinguished by their simple design, compact size and low weight. The benefits of this kind of valve are that it is easy and convenient to use and has less fluid resistance.

Characteristicsof the Butterfly type of Wafer Valve


Structure and Design

The structure consists of eccentric sealers such as valves and plates that help to prevent wear and tear and stainless steel that offers the benefits of providing a tough and flexible metal seal whether there isa change in temperature in the environment. Its structure and design offers quality and superior sealing capabilities, anti-corrosion and extended service life.


Nature of Sealant and Angle of Installation

The disc plate sealing surface comprises a strong alloy with high wear resistance, significantly increasing its durability. Aditionally, there is a 2-way sealing feature on the valves that are not constrained by the meedium's flow direction during its assembly. The spatial location cannot affect the performance of the valves where installation is possible in any direction. Regarding the angle of installation, various installation options are available for the drive device that can rotate up to 180.


Applications of Pneumatic Wafer Butterfly Valve

The qualities of the valves are precisely why the pneumatic system of butterfly valves has a wide range of applications. They are mostly utilized in fire prevention, cooling of gases, air and water, slurry and other related applications. The cleaning services employ high pressurized water or steam to clean given properties. It is also used ir petroleum, electric and metallurgical industries.

A Guide on how to Order Pneumatic Wafer Butterfly Valve


Double Acting and Single Acting Pneumatic Actuators

Single-acting cylinders may be your best option for tasks like clamping,positioning and punching. Therefore. the single-acting actuators are the best if your machine moves in a linear motion. If you are looking fol practical use in your machine where it has to make more than one movement, then the double-acting actuator provides a suitable gadget.

Medium and Environmental Demands

The pressure of the different butterfly valves ranges between 10 to 16bar. It will also depend on the manufacturer. The temperature range is around-20 to 140, depending on the machine's material and pressure. The choice of valves can also be due to the demands of the working environments where it can consist of accessories such as positioner solenoid valves and a source of air.


The pneumatic wager butterfly valves offer good performance with different adjustments and ideal sealing that can be accomplished at low pressure. It guarantees thatthere will be no friction transfer between thesealing surfaces because of the unique three-way eccentricity design of the pneumatic butterfly valve, which increases its lifespan. Additionally, the valves offer a unique anti-corrosion technique, which includes interchangeable components, making them ideal for various media.

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