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Hearken Actuator——Multi-Turn Electric Actuators

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Multi-Turn Electric Actuators are specialized kinds of driving devices that help realize valve opening, valve closing, or even valve adjustment control.


Multi-Turn Electric Actuators apply to water gates, throttle valves, plunger valves, diaphragm valves, globe valves, gate valves, and many more. These devices are mainly used when it comes to dark stem and rising stem valves.


The actuators have certain characteristics such as reliable performance, complete functionalities, lightweight, small size, advanced level of control systems, convenience in usage and maintenance, and so on. The multiturn electric actuator can implement automatic control, centralized control, and remote control of specific valves.


However, there is a certain common control mechanism that comes bundled with these kinds of specialized electric actuators. The types include Intelligent Modulating, Intelligent On or Off, and On or Off Type. All these types of actuators can help open or close the valves manually if there is anything suspicious like a power failure. Besides, the only difference lies in the equipment’s control mechanism. Here are the complete details.



1.On or Off Type

With the switch signal derived from external control devices such as PLC system, control box, etc., the valve could be stopped, closed, and opened. Besides, the specific electric device at that time can feed back switch signal to another distant place. However, the only downside is that when the price of the control box gets added, the final purchase cost of this type becomes more compared to the intelligent one.



2.Intelligent On or Off type

The Intelligent On or Off type is used to open, close, or even stop the valve. It does not require external control devices like control boxes to alter changes in the valve. Besides, it can accept remote signal control switches. Also, it can feed the back switch simultaneously along with 4-20mA DC analog signals. But it cannot receive specialized signal control like 4-20mA analog DC.


3.Intelligent Modulating Type

The Intelligent Modulating type is used to open, close, or even stop the valve. That way, the equipment does not require external control devices like control boxes to alter changes in the valve. In addition, the system can work along with 4-20mA analog DC control and adjust the flow of the pipeline in the most real-time situation. Other than that, it can send feed simultaneously to back switch signal 4-20mA analog DC.



Technical aspects 


Power Supply:  2-phase 220V AC, 50Hz control device; 3-phase 380V AC, 50Hz motor

Optional Power Supply:  220V to 660V AC and 50.60Hz

Ambient Temperature:  +60℃ to -20℃ & optional temperature: +70℃ to -40℃

Material:  It should be aluminum alloy

Relative Humidity:  less than 25℃

Protection Level:  Typically, IP65 or IP67 and for special orders it is IP68

Anti-corrosion Coatings:  High-temperature absorb paint

Applicable Media:  Oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, weak acid, oil, steam, water, dusty gas, liquefied gas, ammonia, etc.

Application:  paper making, chemical industry, sewage treatment, power plant

The running time of the motor is about 10 minutes, would be on duty, and insulation of class F.

Operating environment: a gas mixture that is explosive with level IIA & IIB belonging to group T1 to T4.

Working environment: for places that is free of strong corrosive, explosive, and flammable medium with explosion-proof ExdIIBT4 type


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